Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 27

Temple of the Dog: Temple of the Dog and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, and Mark Arm of Mudhoney. With just one listen and you can hear the parts of their future bands coming into place, fusing ‘70s hard rock and early underground punk. Those parts would also kill the band just as it was getting noticed; Ament and Gossard wanted to sign to a major label, but Arm wanted to remain independent. The band honored its commitment to recording its debut LP Rehab Doll, but the band would split right after, an early victim of the Seattle scene’s ambivalence to mainstream success. The 1990 re-release combined Rehab Doll with the Dry As A Bone EP (the latter recorded during better days within the band). artistic differences, it was tragedy. When Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood died of a drug overdose (making the band themselves a one album wonder with their debut Apple), Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell formed a tribute project with Mother Love Bone’s remaining members, all of whom went on to form Pearl Jam, including singer Eddie Vedder, who collaborated with Cornell on the single “Hunger Strike.” Less a proper band, it was more about healing from loss between all the members. Temple of the Dog’s lone LP was still a success, going platinum and become a uniting point for the great potential the Seattle scene had to show the world at large, with all involved looking back on the record with bittersweet fondness. STANDOUT TRACKS: “Hunger Strike”, “Say Hello 2 Heaven” STANDOUT TRACKS: ”Unwind”, “Queen Bitch” TEMPLE OF THE DOG Temple of the Dog (1991) If the Seattle scene wasn’t beset with Operation Ivy: Operation Ivy 27