Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 21

but I still wanted more out of this thing. I started to research what other designers have done with the CD4069 PLL and came across a few circuits of interest; The infamous Schumann PLL, The Electrax Synthax-100 and an APP note for a frequency synthesizer by R. Marston. All of them had clever ways of dividing, multiplying, and modulating the output frequency to create some very believable synth tones. I used this info to try and devise my own way of doing this but quickly realized they were all pretty much doing the same thing to generate their harmonies. If it’s not broken, why try to fix it? I ended up doing a very similar method of frequency division and multiplication that is found in the Schumann and Marston circuits. Now I have a Master Oscillator frequency multiplier and a Subharmonic divider that are easy to operate and sound great. After playing around with it for a few days I noticed that it responded well to the lower frequencies and some of the higher frequencies were a bit harsh on the ears. I added the input frequency divider and it really brought things around for the Master Oscillator. Now it had the ability to read up to two octaves below the input, remain stable and was a bit more pleasing to play through. The only issue was that if the subharmonic was reading from the master oscillator, you could only get a division of where the master oscillator was set. If the Master Oscillator was reading from 2 octaves below, the subharmonic could be too low for practical use. I added the root selector switch so you could choose where the Subharmonic divider gets its feed. It can now read from either the squared input signal or the output of the Master Oscillator. While this might seem confusing, it really opens up a lot of possibilities for different textures and adds a true third voice. Once you get the hang of the signal routing, the Data Corrupter is very easy to use and has an enormous amount of practical options to tickle your tone bone. There you have it, that is how I came up with the Data Corrupter. I couldn’t be happier with the final product, it is by far one of my favorite pedals I’ve ever designed. I’m really excited to get it out in the world and see what other people can do with it. —Jamie Stillman 21