Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 11

ORANGE TRIES ON THE FUR COAT Drawing inspiration from one vintage classic fuzz and one modern classic— the Foxx Tone Machine and Prescription Electronics Experience—the Orange Fur Coat warms up your tone with some heavy-hitting octave fuzz that gives you a separate footswitch for the clean octave as well as a blend control that lets you have just ƗGFR"B`WW"7FfRFW72uE$䕂$T2UDPDU%4 fVGW&r7&VF&R'2@GvFvvW267BV67W&RFRFW'6"FW2FR7&VF&P62fG&BbFR&vVFB6&2BG&7F6ǒvfrRr7FVFvF&R6G&0F6R7GV7FW6W'2fVGW&p6G&2FW&fVBg&&V7F2FPFW'6"vFRgV6G&`W"FRĔtDr$TD5E$U0Et4RtDDRDTDU" FRƖvFr&FVFW""vfW0RFR6VBb7&VB&V6V67W&RvFW7BRfVP6G&FR6V7&WBFFR6GW&FV@6VB2FBVƖR7BWfW'GV&RЦWVVBVFFRFVFW""'V0BgVfG2g&6vRRf@WBFVFW"7vF6&2WFPF7F'FBfVRvVfƖ6VBFU&W'B6У