Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 10

POWERED POWERED BY EFFECTS EFFECTS DATABASE DATABASE BY BY EFFECTS DATABASE NOW PLAY PLAY THIS THIS POWERED NOW STOMP UNDER FOOT POWERS UP WITH THE FULL POWERED HALO The Full Powered Halo combines two versatile Stomp Under Foot pedals in one box, giving you the abilty to stack both for some monstrous drive tones. The right side of the pedal is SUF’s Halo Bender, which gives you clean Fender chime all the way through violent JCM800 tones. The right side is a low-gain version of the Serenity Drive, for some pristine stacking capabilities. SUPRO AMPS GOES BACK TO BASICS WITH THE SUPER The Supro Super gives you just the bare essentials for good tone: A five- watt power section, a single volume knob and nothing else. Nothing comes between you and the tone to give you the full five watts without any passive component interference, so you can hear the full range of your instrument. This lets the Super act as a fantastic recording amplifier. ELECTRO-HARMONIX PULLS BACK THE IRON CURTAIN WITH THE RUSSIAN BIG MUFF Electro-Harmonix returns to the past and reissues the Russian Big Muff, a pedal that garners obscene amounts of money on the used market. The Russian Big Muff is characterized by a big booming bass sound and crunchy midrange, prized by bassists everywhere for its emphatic low- end crunch. This reissue will be available in the “Nano” size. 10 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear