Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 55

becoming useless, the Havoc switch converts to a kill switch. Brilliant. This thing is fun and inspiring. The Havoc switch is frequently my favorite thing about any Caroline Guitar Company pedal and this one does not disappoint. You can step on it to engage the upper octave and bring emphasis to a lead lick or passage. Even better you can pair it with a reverb and or delay and create some really cool rhythmic effects by stepping on and stepping off the switch. You can hold it down and feel your amp and guitar conspire to create waves of feedback. You can wait until the very end of a song and then hit the upper octave as your last note or chord fades. The fun never stops. WHAT WE LIKE It’s a blast. It can be (relatively) mild-mannered or it can be an off the chain fuzz fest. CONCERNS I don’t have any complaints about this pedal. Although, I do wish there was a way to automatically trigger the Havoc. It would be especially cool to do it via an LFO so I could be applied in a specific pattern and tempo. Until then, you’ll find me tapping away in some sort of maniacal morse code. 55