Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 54

GEAR GEAR SPOTLIGHT SPOTLIGHT CAROLINE GUITAR COMPANY SHIGEHARU REVIEW BY PHILLIP DODGE STREET PRICE $199.99 There’s two points that I should be upfront about with this review: One: I’m pretty much a Caroline Guitar Company fanboy; both the Météore and Kilobyte have each earned forever homes with me. Two: I’m not a fan of op- amp and IC fuzzes. I’ve tried, but they always sound hard, harsh, and grainy to my ears. I like my fuzzes soft and pliable. So in short, I had no idea what to expect from the Shigeharu. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, today we’re digging into the new Shigeharu fuzz from Caroline Guitar Company. 54 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // The Shigeharu is all about twos. It features two parallel and distinct fuzz circuits and is built around the cascading gain of op-amp and transistor goodness. The first fuzz (we’ll call it the base tone because it’s always on) is a full-frequency affair with solid low end, punchy mids, and present highs. This fuzz is governed by controls for Drive, Tone, and Body. The Body and Tone controls are interactive and allow for a diverse array of tones from deep and bright to middy and everything in between. The Drive control runs from heavy to heavier. This Caroline Guitar Company Shigeharu is not a polite fuzz and you won’t be rolling off your volume knob for “Hendrix cleans.” It’s mean, it’s modern, and somehow it’s always musical. In other words, you can dial in a wide range of sounds. The second fuzz is a fierce, upper-octave affair. Its volume is controlled by the little trimpot in the center of the pedal and it’s engaged via the Havoc switch. There’s also a slide switch inside the pedal that can allow you to make the second fuzz always active (it’s a pretty great sounding fuzz so you might want to do this). And when you do this, rather than