Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 51

SPANK THE MONKEY My initial testing with this pedal was done in the pre-drive position in which I’d normally put a vibrato. But after a couple of, ahem, adult beverages, I decided to try it after a drive instead. There, following a decently wound-up distortion, I discovered a new effect: sonic jackhammer. It was strange and bizarre and kind of fun. Before a drive though, laying into the strings with a heavy downstroke sends your sound into an absolute tizzy. With the Alc/Vol knob set just below noon, any aggressive action on the strings accelerates the speed and intensity of the vibrato to a dizzying level, before slowly settling back down to where you have it set. Imagine that you’ve shaken a snow globe full of, well, drunken primates and it should make sense. You can use this feature in more nuanced ways by varying your pick attack—or by setting all the knobs to a more modest 9:00—but the envelope ramping effects clearly won’t be for everyone. Take heart though, because twisting the Alc/Vol knob fully counterclockwise negates the inebriation and instead offers a perfectly conventional pitch vibrato, sans any monkey business. WHAT WE LIKE The Drunken Monkey blurs the line between traditional pitch vibrato and all out wackiness. For that reason, we dig it. CONCERNS I’ve played a couple other pedal 2FR6P&6R&vRFBffW 6֖"G&6'WBvF&RfW&&vRगBvVN( fR&VV6PFfR&RFWFFR6G&6V7F( @"W&2WfV6PBb&W72Bֆ@&rgV7FƗGFRfG7vF6FU&W'B6УS