Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 47

anodized aluminum pedal upon first seeing it. But perhaps that is my own idiosyncrasy. Other misconceptions might abound. Some jokesters will contend that by increasing the Sensitivity setting, the pedal will cry more easily. Nonsense. The Sensitivity knob actually controls distortion and compression levels. For example, noon struck a balance between the need for a “harder,” driving tone for chord work and a slightly cleaner, but no less charismatic tone for melodic riffing. The tone was restrained enough for soft strumming, and did not introduce any noise or unwanted harmonics that would deprive them of their major or minor tonality. Not content to let the matter rest, these ubiquitous jokers will likely say that spinning the Accent knob will take the tone from the Jersey shore to Savannah’s marshlands. Don’t believe them. Accent is a powerful knob that controls brightness and, in turn, the prominence of pick attack. At noon, the Simble Twimble produced smooth distortion that was biased toward the mid and low end. Spinning the Accent knob to even 3:00 opened up a whole new world of tone. Attack was actually noticeable—at least when compared to lower Accent settings—and the distortion took on a pleasant brightness. The new prominence of the upper range gave the impression of a rawer, more powerful distortion. Finally, don’t believe any wag who says that the Contour knob changes the measurements of a digital “dream tone” à la Weird Science. Instead, Contour adjusts the EQ to brighten or darken the tone. tend toward brightness. I agree. It seemed like a “finishing knob” for those times when the tone was almost right but needed something more. Overdrive connoisseurs and Mad Professor acolytes will hear many good things from the Simble Twimble. I highly recommend it. WHAT WE LIKE The old Simple Overdrive distortion along with a charismatic Predrive add up to fantastic, balanced tone. CONCERNS You might want to take a bite of the candy-colored housing. Now, Contour and Accent might seem to adjust the same parameters, but I discerned a sonic difference between the two. The Contour knob produces subtler changes than does the Accent knob. Mad Professor suggests that the Contour control works well for people whose amplifiers 47