Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 46

GEAR SPOTLIGHT MAD PROFESSOR SIMBLE TWIMBLE REVIEW BY DAVID A. EVANS STREET PRICE $229.95 Readers are likely familiar with the strange, even unsettling feeling of déjà vu. Mad Professor’s new Simble Twimble aroused this sensation of uncanny familiarity. Hadn’t I already heard this pedal’s rich, creamy overdrive? Hadn’t its dulcet distortion already graced my ears? After a moment’s reflection, I recalled that, indeed, I had played Mad Professor’s Simble Overdrive, and felt that it was an excellent pedal. The new Simble Twimble is like the old Simble Overdrive, but with an added feature: the Simble Predrive, which is a boost “with character.” 46 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // This new feature will certainly please demanding ears. Whereas Mad Professor could have opted for a wholly transparent boost, the company instead decided for a boost that would add flavor and character to the Overdrive. The Predrive, then, actually compresses the signal ever so slightly and enhances the upper harmonic frequencies. I compared a totally clean tone to the tone from the Predrive and discerned subtle but pleasing differences. The Predrive felt a &BV6W"FFP6VFRBFRrV@6VFVBƗGFRFvFW"B&fW76"6&RGv&P6F66W&VB&Bb6P2vV26ƖB֖G2FR&VG&fRfVGW&W2Gv6WGFw2BB6v6ffW"&R"W70&7B&W7V7FfVǒ@&fW76"62FBFPV&7B&6W0FV6&W2v62VGf"'&vr6FFPf&Vg&BbƗfR֗rF6V"WfWpFVF֗666WF2f'7BFR6&RGv&P&W6V&W2&vRff&VB6&VƗVB7Vv"77W&P&VFW'2FBFRVF0B6Gb&VFW'2&R@ƖRF2&W'FW"FWvfR66FW&VBFp&FRWBbFRv77