Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 40

Gibson Guitars & Marshall Amps Either go big or go home! Like The Beatles and numerous other British groups, the Who’s Pete Townshend started off with the Rickenbacker-Vox combo before deciding he needed more stage volume, which Jim Marshall and company were happy to provide. Expanding on its early JTM45 model, the Superlead Plexi would have more powerful output transformers, two channels, and EL34s for better breakup when the volume is increased. When Townshend would switch out his Rickenbackers for Gibson’s Les Paul and SG models, you’d have a combination that would define hard rock for the rest of the century. This is the one spot on the list where we’re going to just list the companies and not specific models, because it’s honestly hard to pick just one. The Les Paul and SG would be the very image of the rock scene in the ‘70s, then Marshall released the gain-heavy JCM800 in time for the ‘80s, when metal bands would swap their guitars for the wild shapes of the Explorer and Flying V. Rarely have two companies been so intertwined in the public consciousness. 40 TONE TALK // 5 Legendary Guitar and Amp Combinations Throughout History