Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 33

with four modes . . . from mode 1 which would make any bluesy-rock player happy, to mode number 4 which is, as one customer told me a few weeks ago, “Hillsong in a box.” I guess it could be, but it’s really just some internal DSP voodoo that makes the two effects feed off themselves and create an ambient tonal heaven. All in all, it was about two years in the making to get it juuuuuust right. While I did display the pedal at NAMM about a year too early, I just wasn’t 100 percent happy with it at that time. So, we tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked some more in order to get it perfect before releasing it. I’m super proud of it, I hope you love it as much as I do! However, I wanted the “sweet spots” of these pedals—those settings that not only allow you to get lost in a sea of ambient delay and reverb voluptuousness, yet still have that —Brian Wampler one setting that gets you back to hamburgers and hot dogs; meaning, the good ol’ tried-and-true delay and plate- style reverb tones. To accomplish that, there’s several controls, all easy to understand. You won’t need a manual for this one, oh no. Nope, you have separate volumes for both the reverb and the delay, a tone control which effects both, the feedback control which not only makes the delay repeat more, but also lengthens the amount of reverb (going to a full-on drone type of reverb), and of course a delay speed. Lastly, we have a handy little pushbutton switch 33