Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 32

FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND WAMPLER PEDALS ETHEREAL I’ll admit it. I can be quite the odd “president” of a pedal company. In one instant I’m G-bending on a telecaster, and designing amp in a box pedals, and then I flip a button internally and decide to focus on some DSP designs (along with my sidekick Jake Steffes) and make a Facebook and YouTube video debuting my praise-and-worship based days of ambient tonal blissery (yes, I just made that word up). The Ethereal is one of those type of projects. I wanted a delay in reverb all in one pedal, 'WB6W"f&Цf7F"FW&R&R6WfW&vVv6W2FB66CFffW&V@VffV7G2RVB'WB67&ƖpF&VvVW2"7&6rVW B6R66vRVffV7G26( @6WFrFBv2rFF3 e$DR%TDU.( 2ԔBvW"WFW&V