Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 30

PRO CO FAT RAT In the time since many classic guitar effects were invented in the ‘60s and ‘70s there have been distinct shifts in tonal preferences among electric guitar players. Among the most prominent of these is the desire for increased low end. Classic overdrive and distortion pedals can be very mid-heavy, which doesn’t always work well in an era where dropped tunings and extended range instruments have become increasingly common. Many popular aftermarket mods for vintage distortion 30 TONE TALK // boxes like the Pro Co Rat have addressed this modern yearning for big bottom, and now Pro Co has addressed it as well with the Fat Rat. This reworked reissue adds many popular modifications to this beloved circuit, including a Fat mode, several clipping options, 18-volt operation for huge headroom, and a socketed op- amp for solder-free chip swapping. It is also made in the USA, hits the streets at 199 dollars, and could very well be the best Rat yet. 5 Reissues that Destroy the Originals