Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 28

BOSS CE-2W WAZA CRAFT SERIES CHORUS When it comes to reimagining reissues, no one is reimagining harder than the Waza squad at Boss. The Waza Craft Series ushers the pioneering company’s most beloved analog effects pedals into the 21st century with a handful of carefully considered and perfectly executed functionality and quality updates. The most impressive of these releases has been the CE-2w Waza Craft Chorus, a brilliant reissue that makes the greatest compact chorus pedal of all time even greater, while also allowing it to adapt more easily to a modern guitar rig. For one thing, it now features a stereo output that allows this luscious, expansive effect to maximize its potential for implying space, width and movement in a mix. It also features a switch for engaging CE-1 and Vibrato modes, which provide a whole additional range of warm and warbly vintage modulation tones. The Waza Craft CE-2w is also made in Japan to a somewhat higher electronic standard than Boss’s standard offerings. At a penny under 200 bucks street price it ain’t cheap, but it is glorious. 28 TONE TALK // 5 Reissues that Destroy the Originals