Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 27

IBANEZ TUBE SCREAMER TS808DX Sometimes it seems like half of our business is, in one way or another, Tube Screamers. Would we even exist at all if the team at Ibanez had not invented the overdrive pedal in the late ‘70s? It’s tough to say, but regardless, the TS circuit is still king of the overdrives and it isn’t going anywhere soon. There are still plenty of stock, off-the-shelf Screamers pulling duty on pedalboards, but the venerable old green warhorse has seen plenty of competition recently from pedals that take its basic sound and circuitry and add greater control and extra functions. Enter the Ibanez TS808DX. This double stomper combines the iconic JRC4558D IC-based circuit with a clean boost that can be switched to either a pre or post overdrive position. Each side can be used independently as well as in tandem, and there’s even true bypass switching and optional 18-volt, high headroom operation. These additional features bring the Tube Screamer circuit well into the modern era, and keep Ibanez’s flagship overdrive at the top of its game. 27