Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 26

MXR M290 PHASE 95 MINI The MXR Phase 90 is the classic phaser. Released in 1974, it was MXR’s first pedal, and can certainly be credited with at least some of the company’s longevity in the effects industry. It has been produced in original form for decades, and many guitarists feel that it’s all they will ever need for 6W"FW2FՅ.( 27&VFB@2&GV6VBV&W"bf&F2@WFFW2bFR6&7VBfW"FRV'2'W@G27B&V6VB2&&&ǒFRVFFP6RW&WFFFR#6PR֖6&W2FR6762fW"7FvP#`DRDIJ6R6&7VBvFFRVvW"W6ƖRЦƖRGv7FvR6W"6&7VBg&G06&ƖrFR6WvBW76W"ֶvՅ 6RCR&F&RW6VB֖GW&PV67W&RWFfGFVBvFFR7FF&B&p"f"7VVBBGvƗGFR7vF6W2Rf"7vr&WGvVV6&7VG2@Rf"VvvrFRv&W"67&BFPbV6FRvRFr2vW&VB'7FF&BRfB6VFW"VvFfRvW"rB&vBBR7&vFV@FW&VF&&BBB6V2f"VFW 'V62F22FRVFFR6RgW'FW"R&V77VW2FBFW7G&FR&v0