Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 21

RADIAL ENGINEERING FINDS THE MISSING LINK WITH THE CAB LINK Radial’s Cab Link is the perfect utilitarian solution for players looking to drastically expand their rigs without adding any complicated accessories. Using the Cab Link, you can connect multiple speaker cabinets to an amp that has only one speaker output. You can use the Cab Link to connect each cabinet in series or parallel, and you can connect to another amplifier as well. KHDK GOES DEEP WITH THE ABYSS The Abyss was designed as the perfect bass overdrive, and with separate controls for both clean and dirty mixes, it’s easy to see why. The Abyss splits your tone into two pathways and with two discrete circuits, delivers both sparkling cleans and thunderous lows. The switch in the center adds fatness, compression and sustain, while the Treble knob adds back in post-distortion high end. AJ PEAT SHOWS OFF ITS FAT PEACOCK The Fat Peacock delivers authentic Plexi- style tone with a hearty two-band EQ for some tasty British tones without having to lug a separate amp everywhere. Featuring a two-channel design that gives you separate drive and boost sections, the Fat Peacock is as big on tone as it is on features. The burly two-band EQ helps you sculpt your tone in ways not possible on the original amp. 21