Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 20

POWERED POWERED BY EFFECTS EFFECTS DATABASE DATABASE BY BY EFFECTS DATABASE NOW PLAY PLAY THIS THIS POWERED NOW DIGITECH MARCHES TO THE BEAT OF THE SDRUM DigiTech’s Sdrum takes the power from your rhythm section and puts it in your hands. By using DigiTech’s BeatScratch technology, you can scratch your strings to develop a rudimentary beat, and the Sdrum fills in the cracks around your scratches and generates a full beat around your idea. You can save your created beat in any one of 36 patches, and with a ton more features than we can list. F-PEDALS ENTERS THE PACK WITH THE NIKAOS The Nikaos gives you a micro-sounding rip-roaring distortion that only needs two controls to get its point across. The Growl (volume) and Bite (tone) controls join an internal distortion circuit that’s already set to 10 to take the worry out of sculpting your perfect distortion. The LEDs in the eyes are reactive to your picking strength and light up with increased strum intensity. CRUCIAL AUDIO DELIVERS US THE DAS GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG The Das Götterdämmerung combines two full-featured circuits not normally housed together: germanium-powered fuzz and a full- featured ring modulator that cascade into each other in twisted ways. The ring modulator side features all kinds of thoughtful controls, with wave shapes, high and low frequency settings and carrier controls. The carrier frequency can be controlled via expression for even more madness. 20 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear