Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 15

William Goldsmith, drummer of the then- recently defunct Sunny Day Real Estate, along with former SDRE bass player Nate Mendel and Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear were recruited. the producer wanted Dave to play drums on the record. I think Dave wanted to play drums on the record. I think the people at the label—I think everybody wanted Dave to play drums on the record.” But things didn’t go well for Goldsmith. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Perhaps you’ve also heard his side of what Dave Grohl did to him. And by the time all was said and done— that’s exactly what happened. “I just wish that I’d never met him,” he said of Grohl in an interview just last year. When the Foo Fighters went into the studio to record The Colour and the Shape after touring for nearly a year and a half in support of Grohl’s debut work, Goldsmith says he felt doomed from the start. “I think from the get- go, I think that After the band had settled on the arrangements of the songs for the new album, Dave took the mixes with him to finalize the guitars and vocals and— dissatisfied with how Goldsmith’s drumming turned out—opted to re-record the drum tracks himself. Understandably, Goldsmith felt betrayed. And though he was offered the opportunity to stay on as the touring drummer, he’d had enough and left the band. And then came Taylor Hawkins and the rest is history. He’s seems like a genuinely nice guy. Look—I fully realize that the last bit was mostly about what a colossal dick Dave Grohl was to William Goldsmith twenty years ago. I also realize that following that with a section about what a nice guy he is probably ironic at best and dissonant at worst, but hang with me. 15