Tone Report Weekly 188 - Page 14

He’s obsessed with the craft. (Maybe a little too much.) As part of Dave’s recovery, he went into the studio in late ’94 to record some songs he’d written under the name Foo Fighters. He may have hoped to remain anonymous, but the songs eventually made their way into the hands of interested parties who came calling about a record deal. &V֖66r&WBFBVBFfR06BFW'fWw2FB2&W76RvV@6WFrƖR( vCFN( 2FVFN( 2B&BFN( 2FrFB'ח6VbffRF2( Ф'WBgFW"6RFVvBFRFVb&VpVB6vW"BwVF"W"FN( @Bw&7F'FVBrf"&B@DRDIJFW&RvW2גW&FRFFfRw&