Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 54

GEAR GEAR SPOTLIGHT SPOTLIGHT GRINDSTONE AUDIO SOLUTIONS NIGHTSHADE REVIEW BY DAVID A. EVANS STREET PRICE $179.00 I must confess that until I played with Grindstone Audio Solutions’s new Nightshade overdrive pedal, I was skeptical. I can’t say, exactly, why doubt entered my mind, but it was there. The good news for Tone Report readers is that any last trace of doubt has vanished from my mind. The Nightshade’s crisp tone and thoughtful design won me over, as I believe they will win over others. inhabit these days. Rather, Grindstone’s pedal is composed of what looks to be brushed, anodized aluminum. The knobs are composed of machined aluminum as well, and add to the overall impression that the pedal is, at least from a physical standpoint, well- constructed and durable. The Grindstone folks went so far as to place a laser- cut, gear-like “G” under the footswitch—a nice touch. I mentioned the design, which is unique. It’s not encased in a typical metal housing that almost every pedal seems to About that footswitch: it’s not the typical latching switch. I mean, it will behave just as any other footswitch will. Tap it 54 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // Grindstone Audio Solutions Nightshade to turn the effect on or off, and the effect will respond as expected. But Grindstone added a cool little feature called TeaserMode which also allows the bypass to function as a momentary switch. Depressing the button for less than half a second turns the effect on or off. However, holding the button down for greater than half a second also engages the overdrive—but only for as long as the switch is depressed. After playing with this feature, I decided that Grindstone’s special TeaserMode ought to be the standard by which all