Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 50

GEAR SPOTLIGHT KEELEY ELECTRONICS FILAMENTS REVIEW BY NICK RAMBO STREET PRICE $189.00 I don’t know why I doubted Robert Keeley. But when I first caught wind of his namesake company’s newest high gain release, the Filaments, I questioned what business he had making a “metal” pedal. It’s Keeley, I thought. This is the guy who built his reputation on the back of compressors and boost pedals. It’s got gain and then some, thanks to a trio of gain stages, but it’s not overdone. There’s a tendency with some (lesser quality) high gain pedals to sound like a can of bees vVRvBFVЧW( F'WBFN( 2FfFPfVG2fG2VF&Vǒ'WBv2w&~( GF0Fr2FFBf FBW7B66''&&W'BBFFBfbR6FB&6Ff"&PVv7G'V7GW&^( FPFB6&2FR( 6Vvv6Vvv( FvFW72ff"b&RB66w&N( F'WB&RFB&BFW"g&v7FGBFRfVG2W7B6VWFW2&Vf&RvRvWBFf"vBFFƲ&WBFPE$RD$T@StT"5DĔtBĔtBBUVVWVV7G&72fVG06F6gr&W76fVW70fVBWfW'6G&F2VF( FBFW&R&P6W'FǒBb6G&0F66Rg&fR6W'FffGf"fVGW&RЧ&6VF2'WBvVPvWBF7FF&B6P&vF6'2@F&VRFvvW2WW&V6PBFVvBRFWV7@6RG&v&627GVvǒFVvF@W7B6( BFR66RvFFRfVG2V6 B7vF627V6'fW2BFVvFgVFVFƗGFG0gV7FFBW&pFRFWF2bV6R0GvVW.( 2FVƖvB