Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 47

self-oscillating dotted eighth setting that takes you to the edge of ambient madness. The subdivisions are a great touch. They give you options far beyond what a standard delay can offer, but there is no convoluted control panel to activate them—just select which one you want and away you go. If you don’t want to use any of them, you don’t have to, but they are highly addictive once you start experimenting. The reverb sounds fantastic. Using just the Mix control, it can provide pretty much whatever you want, from subtle room reverb all the way to a wild space odyssey. While you can use either effect on its own, the real fun happens when you use delay and reverb together, and mix in a subdivision to create lush sonic soundscapes. There is a button that selects between trails and true bypass modes. While some tone hounds may prefer true bypass, and others buffered, I just think it’s fun to set the reverb mix high, mixed with a feedback- heavy delay, then turn the pedal off while in trails mode, which creates an atmospheric reverb and delay cloud that you can then play over with dry guitar. It’s the perfect way to end a song or transition from a solo section back to a verse. Wampler has created a masterpiece with the Ethereal. It’s a gorgeous sounding ambient machine, and it’s so freaking simple to use—there isn’t a bad sound in this thing. If you’ve always dreamed of creating otherworldly sonic textures, but you don’t want to bother with multiple pedals or complicated presets, the Ethereal could be just the ticket. Even if you have other ambient pedals, this could be the perfect complement to them, or it could be the only stompbox you take with you when you need to run a smaller rig. It’s badass—just go get one. WHAT WE LIKE Beautiful delay and reverb sounds in a compact package. Buffered trails or true bypass options. Subdivisions offer great rhythmic possibilities. CONCERNS Some may balk at the lack of tap tempo, but the point of this pedal is that it’s a compact unit that can cover a lot of sonic territory. 47