Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 46

GEAR SPOTLIGHT WAMPLER PEDALS ETHEREAL REVIEW BY SAM HILL STREET PRICE $199.97 When I first heard about the Wampler Ethereal, I was intrigued. A long-time user of the EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master, I am a fan of the compact delay-plus-reverb combo concept, and I was eager to see what the Ethereal could do. Some demo videos from NAMM 2016 surfaced, but then I didn’t hear much about the pedal. I figured Wampler was taking time to perfect the design, or perhaps it was scrapped, as that does happen from time to time. Imagine my delight when I opened up a new package of 46 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // pedals for review and saw the Ethereal—finally! I couldn’t wait to plug in. While the Ethereal is capable of delivering beautifully complex ambient textures, it is thankfully very easy to use. There are standard controls for delay mix, time, and feedback, as well as a (delay) Tone control, and a (reverb) Mix control. The Tone control is a great feature; whether you’re looking for brighter repeats similar to a fresh tape machine, or warm, gooey bucket brigade analog delay tones, they’re all Wampler Pedals Ethereal in there with the twist of a knob. I preferred the Tone knob just above noon, which gave me a warm delay sound that still had presence and seemed to jump out more dramatically depending on my pick attack. In addition to the aforementioned controls for the delay, you also have three subdivisions from which to choose. The main delay gives you quarter notes, while the subdivisions add a second layer of delay to the mix, and you can choose between triplets, dotted eighths, and a