Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 41

“Trouble in 421” Incubus Fungus Amongus Incubus has covered a lot of ground since its mainstream breakthrough: rap metal, space rock, indie pop, and most recently dubstep. Way back in the early ‘90s though, Incubus was a group of art college kids from Calabasas trying way too hard to copy Mr. Bungle. After the band got signed to a major label, it only re-released its early LP Fungus Amongus due to heavy fan demand, including a letter in the liner notes saying the band isn’t exactly proud of the music. The album quickly went out of print and Incubus has ignored it since, but one track stands out amongst the goofy stoner funk: “Under Pressure” Queen & David Bowie Hot Space Who doesn’t love “Under Pressure”? It’s a soaring masterpiece with Freddie Mercury and David Bowie arguably at their best, with the frenetic “Trouble in 421,” cramming in a sizable amount of energy and tension over just four minutes. By the time Mike Einzinger busts out an atypical metal solo, the whole track feels like it’s about to burst apart at the seams. all involved making it seem effortless. What people often forget though is the album that it’s on. Queen had big success with pop and disco singles on its previous LPs and decided to go all-in, bringing not only synthesizers but drum machines into the mix. From the opening track onward, you question if you’re listening to the Queen you’ve known and loved. The album has its fans, most prominently Michael Jackson, who said the album was a huge influence on “Thriller.” However, at that time, critics and Queen’s hardcore faithful rejected the album like a stolen credit card. Band members Brian May and John Taylor had harsh things to say as well, and any other songs in the vein of Hot Space were saved for Freddie Mercury’s solo records. 41 41