Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 38

“Creep” Radiohead Pablo Honey If you’ve heard Radiohead, you’ve heard “Creep.” It’s an alt-rock classic. However if you’ve been to a Radiohead show, you’d have a better chance of seeing a UFO than hearing it. The band quickly grew to resent the single’s success when it was all audiences wanted to hear. What wouldn’t help was that “Creep” was saddled on the otherwise forgettable Pablo Honey, which even hardcore Radiohead fans ignore. What’s more, you stand at least a chance of hearing “Creep,” but you have no chance of hearing “Anyone Can Play Guitar.” On its follow-up The Bends, Radiohead would make light of surviving off a single it hated “In The Evening” Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door Even without drummer John Bonham’s tragic death, Led Zeppelin sounded like it was running on fumes with this album. With 38 38 TONE TONE TALK TALK // // with the track “My Iron Lung.” Fortunately, The Bends would start a trend of Radiohead sailing past expectations that’s never really stopped. In spite of the complicated history though, “Creep” remains a standard and is rightfully brought out when it’s appropriate. Bonzo and guitarist-producer Jimmy Page mired in addiction problems, writing fell to singer Robert Plant and bassist-keyboardist John Paul Jones, with fans of the era getting turned off by the synth-heavy sound. The band even said they intended to go back to rock if they had continued. The exhaustion bleeds through on many of the tracks, with Plant still grieving his deceased son Karac on the mournful “All My Love.” Fortunately, all four members clicked on the swinging opener “In the Evening.” Jonesy’s funky synth strings blend perfectly with Page’s whammy-bar Stratocaster turns (a rarity for the Les Paul-friendly guitarist) and Bonzo’s strong backbeat. For a hot second, it looks like Zep would persevere through the ‘80s. Alas, it was not meant to be. Best Best of of the the Worst: Worst: The The Finest Finest Cuts Cuts From From Your Your Favorite Favorite Band’s Bands’ Dregs Dregs