Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 33

which sounds like how a great sounding Les Paul blooms. . . so I labeled the feature “Bloom”. That Bloom feature has been very popular with bass players as well, and Rich Williams with Kansas even uses the PressuRizer on his acoustic guitar. He loves how it adds more of the “chord” tone, without destroying the “strum” part like most compressors do when you crank the sustain. So in developing the PressuRizer, I spent some time with some VCA (VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER) chips made by THAT Corporation, the same parts used by many high-end rack mount compressor companies, and I found a way to set up the side chain (the part that detects the guitar’s volume and adjusts the gain based on it) so that the circuit would “over- compress” to the point where the signal completely goes away and then swells back in. By itself, most people would find it a useless effect, but it occurred to me to try mixing that with the dry. The result is that the dry signal provides your initial attack like normal, and when it starts dying off, the compressed signal starts co ֖rगB6WfV&R6WB6FBFR7vVƖp6v6W2VFW"FFRG'B66RVRVfRFV 6&W76'2fwW&VBvPFBfG7vF6W6VW726vRFR@GVgV7F( E&W72BBF6FR6&W76"BFVR6@BvF66W726FR&7B"vfrR6RGvV6vFFR6RVF( DW2'&vFU&W'B6У3