Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 32

FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND AMPTWEAKER PRESSURIZER COMPRESSOR/BOOST Since Amptweaker’s beginning in 2009, I’ve had a “product ideas” button on our website, and I’ve also spent a lot of time on forums discussing them with players. This was a welcome change after designing amps and pedals at big corporations for 25 years, which often meant designing things that big-box stores wanted, rather than coming up with innovative solutions to musicians’ problems. “Sustain without compression” was one idea I saw in a stack of compressor suggestions. . . after thinking about it, I realized that meant “don’t mess with my attack.” Some compressors use blend controls to help retain the guitar’s natural attack, by adding the compressed sound in parallel, and while that helps, you still hear the smooshy attack mixed with the normal one. 32 FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND // Amptweaker Pressurizer Compressor/Boost