Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 30

''What Fender gear do you want to be reissued?'' What Fender gear do you want to be reissued? Are you lucky enough to have some of it hidden away in your closet? Maybe it’s a regular part of your gig rig. I’m grateful for all the classics Fender has given the world, but I hope they reissue at least a couple of the aforementioned things. Even 30 TONE TALK // if it’s just a limited run of each, it will give me a chance to get my paws on them. I hope my plea to Fender is more successful than when I signed the online petition to bring back Cookies n’ Cream Twix, and I hope you are making awesome music with your favorite Fender gear. Forgotten Fender Gear That Deserves a Reissue