Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 28

Toronado Often mispronounced as the Tornado, the Toronado was a short-lived curvaceous offset featuring dual humbuckers. First offered in 1998, it looked like a cousin to the Jazzmaster and Jaguar but offered a more beefy tone. If you’ve ever watched a Strymon video featuring Ethan Tufts, you’ve heard and seen the Toronado in action, as he has done countless demos with it. There are currently several Jazzmaster and Jaguar offerings available today, but there’s nothing quite like the Toronado, and it needs to come back. These would make a killing, and they would fit nicely into the Vintage Modified price point. “Vintage” might be a stretch, since the model itself is not yet 20 years old, but it could be a great guitar to offer in various pickup combinations, and I think doing such could help Fender appeal to the boutique crowd. For example, they could make the standard dual humbucker Toronado, as well as a P90 version, and a single coil version - both two and three pickup versions, to pique the interest of the Strat and Tele crowds. Throw a Bigsby on a limited edition model, give it the new-ish neck heel contour, and you’ve got a killer axe that will have people drooling— myself included. This one is a no-brainer, and I hope to see it return to Fender’s sub-$1,000 lineup soon. 28 TONE TALK // Forgotten Fender Gear That Deserves a Reissue