Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 27

Musicmaster Bass & Musicmaster Bass Amplifier Sometimes, simple is best, and it doesn’t get any more simple than the short-scale, single-pickup Musicmaster Bass. If you’re interested in getting into bass guitar, or you just want something to pluck around on at home or use for recordings, it’s the perfect choice to get cool bass sounds without dropping a ton of cash, which nobody wants to do on something that isn’t their primary instrument. The Musicmaster Bass just oozes cool, and its simplicity makes it alluring. Have you ever seen an olympic white one with a red shell pickguard? Oh, baby. Fender could even take it up a notch and release it in non-classic colors—I’d love to see one in Sherwood Green or Ice Blue metallic. You could even play the Musicmaster Bass through. . . its use of 6V6 tubes and a 12-inch speaker. A lot of people like to pimp them out with their favorite speaker or set of new-old- school tubes for a portable combo amp that can get into breakup territory quickly as it runs at only 12 watts. Whether used for a punchy, broken up bass tone or a cool guitar combo, the Musicmaster Bass amp would be a welcome addition to the modern era of guitar gear. They could WfVধW7B6BFRW667FW"BF@GvWG3Rf"&72Rf"wVF"( ЦW7BF涖rWBVBW&R'WBvVBfPF6VRF2&B&&6FP&WBFRW667FW"&72ƖfW"&vǒFW6vVBF&RFRƖfW 6vFFR&72wVF FB6&V@G2RFPW667FW &72ƖfW &V6R&PV"vFwVF&7G2GVRFFU&W'B6У#p