Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 21

ELECTRO-HARMONIX TIGHTENS IT UP WITH THE TONE CORSET The Tone Corset is a new analog compressor from Mike Matthews and company that delivers and highly- adjustable parallel compression circuit for those of you who desire ultimate control. Knobs include Blend, Volume, Attack and Sustain for a wealth of controls across most any parameter a player could want. A pad switch tames the incoming signal for optimal compression. SUPRO DIVES DEEP WITH THE NEPTUNE REVERB Supro’s Neptune Reverb is a 2x12 25- watt beast of an amp that was created as a response to players wanting the Supro tone in a bigger size that rivals the AC30 and Fender Twin. The Neptune lets players push the amp hard without breakup until you really crank it, and is equipped with an extra-long-spring reverb tank for the lushest ‘verb available anywhere. MATTHEWS EFFECTS CONCOCTS THE CHEMIST The Chemist is a multi-faceted modulator pedal that lets you select one of three different effects, each of them high- quality. Three core modes are available, labeled Cobalt, Lithium and Iridium, corresponding to Chorus/Vibrato, Octave and Phaser, respectively. There’s a dry signal knob, as well as Catalyst and Formula knobs that are mode-specific. 21