Tone Report Weekly 184 - Page 13

very specific purposes, like controlling his Roland guitar synth, but this guitar is the iconic instrument that appeared on albums and performances throughout the Police’s long and storied career, from punk dives (such as CBGB’s, where the band made its American debut) to the massive arena shows that came along years later. Besides its unquestionable icon status, Summers’s Tele is interesting because of its many electronic modifications. As the story goes, he purchased it from one of his guitar students in L.A. with the mods already done.They included a Gibson humbucker installed in the neck position, a six-saddle brass bridge, a phase reverse switch for the in-between pickup setting, and an onboard preamp for substantially kicking up the gain and output. These mods allowed for a very broad and colorful range of sounds that go well beyond what a standard Telecaster is ca