Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 51

a little livelier. It was also enough distortion to make my lead work sing when I played various double- stops. I could play single notes for more subdued distortion, then bend a string up to the note on the sting below for a very Texas-sounding tone. When I flipped the compression toggle down, I immediately noticed that my signal sounded louder, but not by too many decibels. High notes tended to “pop” a little more even after I adjusted the Volume knob downward. Then I played more softly to hear the signal clean up and the tones rang through with crystalline clarity. As I picked harder, the gain intensified and the distortion rose to a pleasing intensity. Next, I maxed out t RG&fR6WGFrFPv&&&fFW2PF7F'Ff"r&vr6&G2"F6WFVB76vW2'WBf"V( F@6R֖vB6G'VǐFW26VBFRv'FbfVv6Vn( D6VBWBFR&72@G&V&R'2rFW&FP6WGFw2FRG&V&RFFV@7&RWBB6VB6G&fRFRv2F6'&VƖVbFR&72FPFW"B6VB'@6VƖR6FW70FFRF7F'FvV&7FVB6&FvFG&G&V&RvF&F&72BG&V&P&7FVBFRv&&67&VVBƖR&B`ƖvFrg&FR6FRF7F'F6R7G&rVBBF6गBfVGW&VB6GW&FBVƖRFBbgWVFW7V6ǒvVFR6&W76FvvPv2FRW6FvVfƗVBFvFPv&&v2ƗGFRvBBƗGFR&R&p6VFs&Rw&BB&R( V( 6VBfWr&'2bF( 2( w&vR( 6VFrFPF7F'FVB'B&R6FVWǒw&VBא֖BFB6FVЦWFF6ǒF262W6VgVGW&r&v&W0FR&W'BVFFW7G2WBR&RFRf'7BFf&&VFW'2FBFPv&&6VBFR( w&v^( FW7BB6VV0FBF6Rf62br&VB&V&G2FBV6WFr6f"FR2&r2FP7FFRbFW2gW'FW"FFRv&&tBtRĔP6762FW2FRg&Ч7V'FRFvCB76V@FR( w&v^( FW7B44U$0Rfǒ6RFR7@'FBFW7BbFP( w&v^( FW7B6FPg&FR'VvvFVB&f`g&FVRbFRF~( 0( ćVvW"7G&R( FRf'7@FU&W'B6УS