Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 48

GEAR SPOTLIGHT Ibanez PJ model with low output passive pickups.The beastly low frequencies it summons all but required a run-through with the four-string, and once plugged in, my suspicions were confirmed. The Erupter is one mean son-of-a-bass-fuzz, with plenty of rumble, mucho sustain, and more rip and gnarl than you can shake a leftover pork steak at. Bassists looking for something different in the fuzz realm are going to dig it. 48 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // WHAT WE LIKE The Erupter is the most unique, imaginatively designed take on a vintage-style fuzz that I have encountered in a minute. Eliminating the superfluous gain and output knobs was a stroke of genius, and the Bias control combined with the guitar’s volume knob is a recipe for a colorful array of tones that range from raw and sputtery, to tight and crushing. It has the potential to sound great in any rig, and it even rules on bass. Earthquaker Erupter CONCERNS Some players will likely find the burly low frequency content and fixed maximum gain and output of the Erupter to be somewhat overbearing. Its minimalist control set is sure to invite the typical “one-trick pony” criticisms, but only from those that don’t take the time to learn all its tricks.