Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 46

GEAR SPOTLIGHT EARTHQUAKER DEVICES ERUPTER REVIEW BY JAMIE WOLFERT STREET PRICE $145.00 Simplicity and perfection often go hand-in-hand. When one thinks about the very few things in this world that have attained a state of true perfection, things like Telecasters, Funhouse-era Stooges, and pizza, for example, those things often have an elegant simplicity to them that is part and parcel of their rarefied natures. This kind of natural simplicity can be deceiving, appearing easy and obvious to the uninformed outside observer, when in fact it was arrived at only through careful planning and years of trial and error. Such is the case with the 46 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // newest fuzz pedal from Akron, Ohio’s EarthQuaker Devices, the aptly named Erupter. The Erupter began several years ago as EQD head honcho Jamie Stillman’s personal quest for the ultimate classic fuzz tone. The catch was that this ultimate fuzz tone had to be accessible via a stripped down, no- nonsense interface, and it had to work anywhere in the signal chain without complaint. It had to be both fat on the bottom and clear and cutting on the top, without getting flabby or harsh. This would EarthQuaker Devices Erupter seem to be a tall order, but after a couple of years of swapping components and experimenting with various topologies, the magic formula revealed itself. At its core, the Erupter is based on a silicon Fuzz Face circuit, but it is like no Fuzz Face you have seen or heard. For one, EarthQuaker outfitted it with just a single control: one big knob for setting the bias. Volume and gain have been permanently fixed at maximum, a choice which some might question, but which makes perfect sense if you’ve ever played through a