Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 39

Electra MPC X320 The Electra MPC X320 may look like it’s just another Japanese Les Paul copy, but this guitar was ahead of its time. As part of the MPC, or modular powered circuit series, it featured slots for two effects modules that could be purchased separately and inserted into the guitar. The following modules were available for purchase: Phase Shifter, Dynamic Fuzz, Treble Bass, Tank Tone, Overdrive, Filter Follower, Auto Wah, Tube Sound, Octave Box, Flanger, Frog Nose, and Compressor. The Treble Bass was designed to enhance or attenuate certain frequencies, allowing you to imitate the inherent tonality of different guitars. The Tank Tone is a type a fixed wah sound, and the Filter Follower is a funky envelope filter that’s right at home in any ‘70s funk jam. Tube Sound emulates a cranked amplifier, and the Frog Nose module was designed to be a sort of onboard headphone amp. As you can see, there’s a lot going on with this strange, vintage six-string beauty. As far as quirky, effects-laden guitars go, this is probably the nicest of the bunch. See if you can find one, then collect the effects modules like Nintendo cartridges— it would be the ultimate hipster guitarist power move. 39