Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 28

Mark Arm of Mudhoney Mark Arm is basically the human embodiment of grunge. His band Green River, with Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament (both later of Pearl Jam), was one of the first grunge bands, and both Green River and Arm’s next band, Mudhoney, were among the first to release records on Seattle’s Sub Pop label, the de facto center of the grunge universe. Hell, there’s even compelling evidence that he may have coined the term “grunge” in an 28 TONE TALK // early interview. That’s quite a rock ‘n’ roll resume, but these days it’s not rocking that brings the bacon home to the Arm household, it’s Mark’s longtime gig as Sub Pop’s warehouse manager. Mudhoney is still recording and touring (and if you order the band’s newest record, its frontman will probably ship it to you himself), but Old Man Grunge prefers his dependable day job and health benefits to the tumultuous life of a full-time musician. All in a Day’s Work: 6 Guitar Heros With Day Gigs Like Us