Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 21

FRIEDMAN GETS IT UNDER CONTROL WITH THE BUFFER BAY 6 The Buffer Bay 6 provides a buffered breakout box and patchbay for touring musicians looking for a tonally sweet utility box that tucks right under any pedalboard. The Buffer Bay 6 features five quarter-inch TRS input and output connections, as well as a MIDI thru connection. This device lets you plug all your inputs, outputs and pedals directly in for a sweet-sounding routing fix-all. PARADOX EFFECTS CHANGES GEARS WITH THE IONIZER The Paradox Ionizer takes the idea of customizable clipping options and pushes it to the extreme, featuring a built-in sequencer that cycles between clipping arrangements. Several clipping options including silicon, germanium, LED and MOSFET come together under one roof to give you the most advanced clipping engine on the market for some all-new fuzz textures. PETZBOXX PEDALS UNVEILS THE GOD ONLY KNOWS The God Only Knows from PetzBoxx gives players a decidedly dynamic overdrive with a deliciously crunchy undertone. The core sound of the GON is transparent, but with a crunchy edge that cleans up like a champ when you roll back on your volume knob. The Drive knob plays nice with your guitar’s controls, making for a chewy, touch-sensitive drive experience. 21