Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 20

NOW PLAY THIS POWERED POWERED BY BY EFFECTS EFFECTS DATABASE DATABASE GURUS AMPS GETS SEXY WITH THE SEXYDRIVE MKII The SexyDrive MKII builds on the versatility of the original version by adding a Balance control, which sets the ratio of wet and dry signals, adding the dynamics back into your tone while retaining the amp-like character. A three-band EQ helps you sculpt the tone to your liking, while two handy windows called “Peak” and “Fuel” Give you a good idea of the input level as well as battery power level. OLD BLOOD NOISE ENDEAVORS DELIVERS THE FAULT OVERDRIVE The Fault is a two-stage wildly diverse overdrive and distortion unit. The signal first feeds into the Gain 1 side, where it gets shaped by a generous EQ of two types, depending on the band being tweaked. The Gain 2 channel features its own knob, and takes Gain 1 into high- gain territory, giving you searing leads and filthy chugga-chuggas with supreme articulation. DLS EFFECTS TRIPLES UP WITH THE ALEX LIFESON CUSTOM BOOST-GAIN-SUSTAIN (BGS) The BGS is a three-fold distortion device that boasts a ton of routing options for a highly-adaptable gain box. Two channels each have volume and gain knobs, which feed into a global two-band EQ. These EQ controls can be bypassed for super-thick distortion, as well as enhanced with the Attack switch, and then extra sustain can be added by flicking the respective switch. 20 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear