Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 15

Orange Bax Bangeetar If you want to get bone- crushing Orange tone without hauling a huge amp rig around, the Bax Bangeetar delivers the goods. Featuring a Baxandall EQ that allows you to dial in a wide range of tones, you also get a boost footswitch that activates the boost post-drive. An internal charge pump converts the voltage to 18 volts from nine volts, ensuring you get big, beefy tone without having to use a separate fancy power supply. The Bax Bangeetar also has a cab sim output that allows you to go direct and emulate the sound of a miked up cab. Bang! Source Audio Programmable EQ The Source Audio Programmable EQ takes the idea of the EQ pedal and sends it into the stratosphere. It features a seven-band EQ along with an additional band courtesy of the Octave extend function. You can create four user presets to recall at any moment, making this an incredibly versatile stompbox. It could be the perfect companion to your dirt pedals, or you might be able to kick a couple off your board to make room for something else by accentuating certain frequencies on your amplifier. This pedal has the biggest learning curve out of all the EQs mentioned here, but the tonal benefits are worth the time. 15