Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 14

Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost If you need more than what a handful of knobs can offer, the ParaEq is an excellent candidate. With an extensive control set featuring knobs for low, mid, and high frequencies, and a corresponding gain knob for each frequency, you can dial in very specific tones. On top of that, each EQ has its own toggle switch that selects between three different Q widths, and an input pad toggle switch. Did I mention it has 30db of boost with a separate boost footswitch? Empress killed it with this one. MXR Ten and Six Band EQ MXR’s Ten and Six Band EQ pedals have been around forever, and they just got a facelift with their slick new enclosures featuring bright blue LEDs for each EQ slider. The Six Band EQ is a great, affordable option for a versatile EQ pedal, and if you need even 14 TONE TALK // more control, step up to the Ten Band EQ. The latter has two outputs, so you can run to separate signal chains. The new versions of these pedals look incredibly slick—you should have them on your board for the LEDs alone. 8 EQ Pedals That Won’t Leave Your Tone Flat