Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 13

Diamond Boost EQ The Canadian pedal masters at Diamond have given us awesome gems with their compressor and analog delay pedals, among others, and Diamond’s entry into the EQ category is another great pedal that can take your rig to another level. The Boost EQ, as the name implies, is booth a boost and an EQ, and it does both of those things in minimalist fashion with its Mids, Tilt, and Gain controls. You can sculpt your tone with the Mids and Tilt knobs, and if you don’t need to do that, simply disengage them courtesy of the toggle switch and crank up the Gain for a pure boost. EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job The best-named pedal on this list, the Tone Job features controls of Treble, Middle, Bass, and Level, with the latter control allowing you to crank up your signal to five times the input level. You can boost or c W@V6g&WVV7FW V'N( 2FW6&R'fpV6"66v6R 6VFW&66v6RFPFR"27&VB'BVFRw&FP7FW&V&V26P6&R7W&RF2VFvvWBFR"F^( GVখFVFVBN( 2V7FW6RB2vW6RBN( 0V'FVW"FWf6RVVv6BFU&W'B6У