Tone Report Weekly 179 - Page 11

A good EQ pedal could be the missing link in your rig. No player takes the stage without their favorite overdrive, fuzz, or delay, but an EQ pedal can help you squeeze the most out of your rig, and fix some of the trouble spots you come across during live performances and recording sessions. First of all, let’s talk about EQ. What is it, and what does it do? EQ refers to equalization, or the adjusting of frequencies occurring in your guitar signal. When an amplifier has treble, middle, and bass controls, this is often referred to as a three-band EQ. You can accentuate or attenuate each of those frequencies to find your sweet spot, and that sweet spot may change based on a number of variables including your guitar’s pickups, the size of the venue you’re gigging at, or the speaker cabinet you happen to be using at the time. I remember the first gig I ever played performing my own material; it was at the Boise State University student union building, and I had assembled a ragtag band featuring one guy I kind of knew and two guys I didn’t know at all. We practiced a couple times and called it good. Our set actually turned out ok, but I’ll never forget the sound guy covering his ears and telling me to turn down the treble on my amp. I was playing a Telecaster on the bridge pickup through the clean channel of a Fender Prosonic amplifier on the 60-watt setting. It was a piercing, unfriendly tone, and I wasn’t sure what to do, because it sounded so different at a low volume in my apartment. Little did I know, an EQ pedal was just what I needed, and I suspect many guitarists have found themselves in a similar position. A good EQ pedal can soften your tone by taming wild treble frequencies, beef it up by enhancing midrange, or give you scooped metal tones by removing midrange altogether and enhancing bass and treble. It can breathe new life into your dirt boxes and amplifiers, and it may be the one thing you’ve never actually considered purchasing. That’s about to change. Here are some sweet EQ pedals that can help you get the most out of your rig. 11