Today's Industrial Products and Solutions November 2018 - Page 8

new flexible hones are simplifying the task by incorporat- ing one of the toughest, hardest materials on the planet – Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). CBN combines the highest hardness with excellent tough- ness to provide the optimum surface finish. Flexible hones made of this type of material can be mounted on CNC equipment for automated operations or used in the field with handheld power tools to wear away work-hard- ened surfaces without inducing additional thermal distor- tion. Superalloys High-nickel alloy steels are prized within these markets because of the excellent resistance to corrosion and heat with strength, toughness, metallurgical stability, and weldability. These superalloys are a great choice for ap- plications that require chemical resistance and strength at elevated characteristics. Their material properties include low expansion at severe temperatures and creep resistance under high stress conditions. As such, superalloys are widely used as material for the hottest parts of complex equipment including nuclear 6 TIPS Magazine • November ‘18 power components, high-performance automotive parts and jet engine turbines. Nickel, iron and cobalt alloys are also used broadly for aerospace components, medi- cal devices, petrochemical and refining applications and thermal processing. According to Garaczi, with the right cutting tools milling nickel alloys and stainless steels is still limited as to the surface finish that can be achieved to at best 32 Ra. With turning, 16 Ra is possible, but most of the time it requires a grinding or polishing step. “Grinding is a very common process in these cases, but it is very time consuming and very expensive to have to grind a part. In some cases, it could take longer than the initial machining.” As a result, Garaczi says that Delta Machine often sends parts out for grinding or polishing, opting to not perform this type of operation in house. Flexible Hones For many machine shops, a flexible hone is a much more efficient tool for overall surface finishing. The low-cost