Today's Industrial Products and Solutions November 2018 - Page 33

JESCOHUSKYDUMPERS® available in over 60 different sizes and maintain stock of standard sizes over 800 standard units of self dumping hoppers (2000#, 4000# and 6000# capacities). We offer several large volume self dumping hoppers in 6 cubic, 8 cubic and 10 cubic yard 6,000-10,000 capacity. Special applications deserve a specially designed unit. After many customers inquiring about a controlled dump or hydraulic unit, we decided to engineer and add several different hydraulic units to the product line. JESCOHYDRATILT™ Dumpers which are available in 4000# capacity in .50, .75, 1, 1.5, and 2 cubic yard. The units are operator controlled with the hydraulic system of your forklift and used while seated on the lift. These new units are ideal when controlling the speed of dis- charging material is critical. The quick-disconnect lines are included on each of the units and a safety retaining chain. To fill out the line even more we have included ten different sizes of our Filter Press Hopper. Then along came the 90 degree Side Pivot Hopper and Low Profile Portable Hoppers with casters already installed. Wire Mesh Partitions: 2”x1” rectangular mesh 10 gauge wire welded into an angle frame sys- tem is easy to use and easy to install. Ideal for around your automation enclosures, prevent your valuable tools from walking away from the tool crib, and quality control on non-con- forming material, computer rooms, high security storage and so many more uses. JescoPal- letGards® are wire containment backs for the pallet racks with stand-off clips (1.25, 4, 6 or 8 inch) design to fit most standard drilled pallet racks spaced two inch on center. Double hinge doors or double slide doors is an excellent way to secure high value products on the shelves. 1-1/2” Diamond mesh 10 gauge wire partition system are engineered for easy installation allowing unrestricted visibility and total air circulation. Inventory of standard height panels of 7, 8 or 10 high are available; but don’t stop there because many industries require parti- tions to reach the trusses or building joists and that certainly can be accomplished. If you are installing partition on a raised platform (mezzanine) remember this requires zero or “no” sweep to keep everyone safe walking below. This is to prevent tools from dropping from the edge of the platform. (OSHA 1910.23(e)(4)  Either partition system will work well but the more project information you are able to supply, the more knowledgeable we all become and it is truly amazing how that works! The JESCOGARD® industrial guard rail 3-rib corrugation system will act as both a visual and physical barrier around your facility. The Economy Rail System is a 2-rib system and has been tested to withstand an impact of 10,000# traveling 4-mph. Should the need arise you can count on its strength without compromising quality at a price you can afford. Each system has available a self-closing single hinge gate with a sound dampening gasket on the gate. Industrial shelf carts, platform trucks die storage racks and material handling trucks are built tough to move raw stock, cartons or finished materials in your plant for many years to come. Special carts are no issue just let us know what you need. JESCOHUSKYDUMPERS®, wire partition systems, industrial guard rail systems, wire tenant storage lockers, industrial shelf carts, LP cylinder cabinets, machine guarding just to name a small portion of the products we offer to our customers. Our products are built to be the best in the industry and it is the reason customers keep coming back. Your satisfaction for a project well done is what really counts when the day comes to a close. We look forward for an opportunity to be able to assist your next industrial guarding or material handling require- ments. Check out the full product line shown on the website at “From the simplest to the complex, Jesco does it best!” Jesco Industries Inc. • 950 Anderson Rd • PO Box 388 • Litchfield, MI 49252-0388 Email: • Toll Free: 800-529-6691 • Direct: 517-542-2903 • Fax: 517-542-2501