Today's Industrial Products and Solutions November 2018 - Page 16

Conditioners, a type of self-contained HVAC system com- monly found in hotels, senior housing facilities, hospitals, dormitories and apartment buildings. The company also offers parts and accessories, including replacement chas- sis, hydronic heat assemblies, louvers, wall sleeves, room enclosures and control components. For these products, Simon-Aire requires a variety of metal parts and components from DureX. “I’ll get a phone call saying ‘have you thought about this?’ says Milazzo. “That’s a good phone call to get. They don’t bill me for that - it doesn’t make them more money - it’s just part of the relationship.” “They are not just trying to get more money from me. They are trying to save us money while improving the product to keep us alive another day,” says Milazzo. There are other advantages to working with a parts manufacturer with experience across the metalworking spectrum. “I basically get to pick their brains on every little ‘what if’ that I’ve been considering,” say Milazzo. “They are able to pull from their experience with the customer that makes rifle components and the one that makes a hot dog cook- er or a sign for Dunkin Donuts. They pull all that together and at the end of it comes a technology that I can use in my air conditioning business.” Milazzo was also able to pursue a project with DureX that would help him reduce the amount of warehouse space required for a volume of large, bulky products in invento- ry. “Many of our sheet metal components are basically like a box, so they take up a lot of dead air space,” explains Milazzo. “If you have hundreds of them, you’re paying a lot of money to store them.” Durex developed a “knockdown” box that could be stored flat until final finishing and assembly. This would allow 50 or 60 components to be stored in the same space that normally fit about 12. ® Registered Professional Engineers with PE in 46 States + DC Industry Reputation in Fabrication “Our approach to any design must consider all possible outcomes, drawings, CAD, & Engineering especially the safety of the individuals for 3D Structural Designs whom and through whom our designs are intended.” Mike Wright, President, STE Inc. 14 TIPS Magazine • November ‘18 Members ANSI, ASCE, ASSE, ASTM, BCSP & NCSEA