Today's Industrial Products and Solutions November 2018 - Page 10

Flexible hones made of this type of material can be mounted on CNC equipment to wear away work-hardened surfaces without inducing additional thermal distortion. tool is often used for sophisticated surfacing, de-burr- ing, edge-blending and cleaning. Until recently, however, flexible hones with CBN abra- sive were only available by special order. Now, the company that invented the Flex-Hone® Tool, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) of Los Angeles, Calif., offers CBN surface finishing solutions part of its stan- dard product line. Somewhat resembling a spinning bottlebrush, the Flex-Hone tool is characterized by abrasive globules that are permanently mounted to flexible filaments that are attached to a center shaft. With its low-pres- sure, low-temperature abrading process, BRM’s CBN Flex-Hone tools can remove work-hardened layers and deburr parts without disturbing the underlying metallurgical structure. Standard CBN Flex-Hone tools come in sizes ranging from 4mm to 20mm in three different mesh sizes: 170/200, 800, and 2500. Larger sized products from 22mm to 38mm and additional mesh sizes are avail- able by special order. Garaczi says he can see the advantage of being able to install a flexible hone into CNC equipment to automate the process and speed up the time when finishing superalloys and stainless steels. Garaczi is in a unique position, having started with the company as a machinist and eventually working his way to president and owner. As such, he remains responsible for much of the programming, set-ups and also purchasing. He says that when making decisions about what tools to purchase it is often on a project-by-project basis. However, if the tool can reduce cycle times versus its cost, it is an easy decision. “There are definitely scenarios where it would be good to be able to perform surface finishing of this type of material on CNCs,” says Garaczi. “It would really save a lot of time and extra processing cost.” 8 TIPS Magazine • November ‘18 For more information, contact Brush Research Man- ufacturing, Brush Research Mfg. Co., Inc., 4642 Floral Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90022; Phone: (323) 261-2193; Fax: (323) 268-6587; email: or visit the web site: •