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These events would promote a streamlined interdisciplinary programme of activities, which would offer students, and graduates relevant pathways, which would support them in developing experience and skills necessary for international working. HAPPENINGS VIEW MORE ABOUT HAPPENINGS Developing digital products and prototypes was a specific aim that offered the project group and the creative sector new solutions to marketing and audience development. The innovative use of digital technologies bound this project together, with the inter- disciplinary nature of the partner skills and knowledge base being a critical success factor in the development of real and innovative prototypes. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Product PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Development VIEW MORE ABOUT A series of conferences and international events were planned throughout the project, to maximise the knowledge- sharing element of the scheme. These events allowed creative players from Europe and China to share and gain valuable knowledge, which strengthened their ability to operate successfully on an international platform. Touring the new work from the summer residency became a vital component part of the project that would allow us to develop new international audiences and allow the graduates work to be seen on an international platform. This activity would also raise the profile of the project on a local, regional and international level. KNOWLEDGE SHARING VIEW MORE ABOUT KNOWLEDGE SHARING SHOWCASING VIEW MORE ABOUT SHOWCASING