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PROJECT OVERVIEW Trans National Creative Exchange Trans National Creative Exchange (TNCE) is an international platform that supports innovative approaches to teaching and learning, which prepare students to enter a career within the Creative Industries. It fosters both profess- ionals and students in the development and internationalisation of their careers, allowing them to work in partner- ship to experiment, create and present new work for all, while gaining valuable experience and estab- lishing professional relationsips for their future careers. VIEW MORE ABOUT PROJECT OVERVIEW Aims included : - To provide recent graduates with support and resources to help them establish and internationalize their careers - To maximize graduate empl- oyability in the creative sector - To support creative practice and make new work Objectives included : - To develop a support model for graduates which involves residencies, mentoring, competitions and profession- al practice and knowledge sharing - To broaden graduate networks and audience base to maximize employability - To encourage interdisciplinary working - To develop digital solutions for promotion and audience devel- opment in the creative sector - To interact with local communities and audiences - To offer graduates studio space, support networks, mentoring and technical support - To bring together creative and IT fields to develop digital solutions - To bring together graduates, practitioners and organizations from different disciplinary backgrounds